Cold Seafood Platter

Eat this cold seafood platter on the beach, at a dinner table with friends, or simply for some self indulgence. The ultimate mix of fresh seafood from Australia presented beautifully in a stylish seafood platter format. Dip the thinly sliced sashimi in soy sauce, coat your prawns in cocktail sauce, and squeeze the lemon all over the oysters- this platter is fully prepped and ready to be eaten.

What does my Cold Seafood Platter contain:

  • 1 x Whole Eastern Rock Lobster Cooked and Cut in Half
  • 6 x Sydney Rock Oysters Opened
  • 30 x Tiger Prawns Cooked
  • Salmon Sashimi Sliced
  • Kingfish Sashimi Sliced
  • Tuna Sashimi Sliced
  • 2 x Moreton Bay Bugs Cooked Cut in Half and Cleaned
  • 1 x Blue Swimmer Crab Cooked Cleaned
  • 1 x Jar of Seafood Sauce

$289.99 per platter

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